Sant Shiromani Paramhans Lakshmi Nath Goswamiसंत शिरोमणि परमहंस लक्ष्मीनाथ गोस्वामी

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Life of Babajee


His Holiness Sant Shiromani (Lord of Saints) Lakshmi Nath Goswami, popularly known as Lakshmi Nath Gosai or Babajee in the entire Mithila, has been the living legendary and dwells in the Head and Heart of the residents of Mithila all the times to come. He is the Tulsidas, Surdas and Kabir of Mithila. Through his cosmic, divine and yogic power he explained to the masses and classes about DHARMA (Religious Laws), ARTH (Worldly Prosperity), KAMA (Desire), MOKSHA (Salvation) and the doctrine of Vedas in a simple language which could be understood by the masses. If anybody, anywhere, anytime observes the rituals and the spiritual aspect in Mithila he will discover Babajee's presence.

His Holiness Sant Shiromani Lakshmi Nath Goswami Paramhans was born in village Parsharma under the Supaul district of Bihar, which has been the sub-division till recently in Saharsa district. When Babajee was born, this was in Bhagalpur district. He was born in around 1787 and his father's name was Pandit Bachcha Jha. The family belongs to Merla (original family) KUJIRWAR DIGON and GOTRA KATAYAN, MAITHIL BRAHMIN.

His birth name was Sri Lakshminath Jha but after being inducted in Vaisnav Dharma he was known as Lakshminath Goswami Paramhans and being the SANT SHIROMANI "JHA" was removed and as has been the tradition in Vaisnav Dharms, the "VALLAV" Sect, he kept Goswami or Gosai. In his various writings which always remains on the lips of the residents of Mithila we could see and hear Lakshminath or Lakshmipati, or Lachhan at times.

His father, Pandit Bachcha Jha managed the family and his elder brother Pandit Reghunath Jha was did and managed cultivation and farming. In his early childhood around upto the age of 10-12 years, like Lord Krishna, he took care of cows and would take the cows to the forest. Whenever his childhood friends would accompany the little Paramhans, at that point of the time his friends could see his cosmic and yogic powers which revealed the fact that a great saint Sant Shiromani Paramhans Lakshminath Goswami was in the process of coming before the mankind for solace and peace. Seeing, viewing and observing these divine quanlities in his little son, Pandit Bachcha Jha managed to send hom to a Pandit Rohinidutt Gosai, a great scholar of that time who lived in village Taroni in Darbhanga district for the divine study of Astrology and Tantrashashtra. For the readers of the other parts of the world at large, it will be worth to mention that scholars and pandits of Mithila were traditionally educated in Tantashashtra and were known for their scholarly presence all over North India. Mithila, the land of King Jarak, Yagvalkalya, Mandan Mishra, etc.The tradition and teaching set by them have a good influence on the thinkings of people residing in the regions. The Maithil Tantriks (Miracle performers) as mentioned above includes Madan Upadhyay, Raghav Jha, Manik Jha, Bishnupuri Jha, Rohinidutt Jha, Raghubar Jha, etc. After all it has the tradition of being the birth place of Maithili ii Mother Sita, the JARAT JANIKI, and marriage place of MARYADA PURSHOTTAM LORD RAM where Guru Bashista and Viswamitra had to come.

We could clearly see the influences of these great masters on life and teachings of Sant Shiromani Lakshminath Goswami.

When Lakshminath jee went to Taroni to his teacher Pandit Rohinidutt Gosai for learning wisdom, there was a love at first sight. Pandit Rohinidutt Gosai was greatly impressed to see the young Lakshminath and future Sant Shiromani Pandit Rohinidutt told him to first worship Lord Krishna (colloquially known in Mithila as "Karilutwa" as it is colloquially known in Maharashtra s "Vitoba"). Pandit Rohinidutt also told him besides singing the glory of Lord Krishna I will also teach you Yoga and Tantra. Slowly and gradually Bhajan (singing devotional songs), Yoga and Tantra proceeded. Pandit Rohinidutt Gosai taught him various aspects of Yoga, Austsidhi Yoga (Eight ways proven Yoga) and helped him making and creating Lakshminath into a Yogiras (the king of Yogi).

Besides this great master Sant Shiromani Paramhans Lakshminath Goswami also took teachings, trainings, tutorials from Pandit Ratta Jha and Paramyogi Lambanath. There are many stories available in about the dialogues which Paramahansa had with Yogi Lambanath and others.

Under the divine and cosmos plan the great souls came down and met great sould and that happened with Sant Shiromanu Lakshminath Goswami also. Baba has said in many ways that "He who learns from the experiences of others is a man of wisdom, He who learns from his own experiences is a semi wise person and He who refuses to learn from anybody's experience is a big fool".