Sant Shiromani Paramhans Lakshmi Nath Goswamiसंत शिरोमणि परमहंस लक्ष्मीनाथ गोस्वामी

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Baba said:


The fool still does not realize although he has become old, still unable to realize his true nature.

Baba said:


Still you are not ashamed, your body has rotten. Black hair has gone and white hair has come. See your face in the mirror.

The general tendency of man is that he is not prepared to learn anything from his past mistakes, which results in the repetition of mistakes. Ignorance is the root cause of all troubles and knowledge is the root cause of all blessings. Man at times becomes ignorance incarnate - he is not aware of truth. The fact is that man is ignorant of those things which are very important and affect his living such as concepts of God, religion, culture, providence, mind, etc. and has wrong notions about human body.

Ignorance about all these things result in quarrels and strifes, troubles and calamities and loss of peace in his life.

After his study, Tantric Sadhna, he was back to his parents in his paternal village at Parsharma. Very soon his parents realized that he is not interested in the worldly affairs and it seems that he may renounce the worldly way of living. As has happened in the life of many mystic masters, seers and saints that parents tied them in wedlocks. That happened in the life of Budha and others. So happened in the life of Sant Shiromani Lakshminath Paramhans also. He was married with the daughter of Pandit Sakhedatt Jha of village Kahua in Darbhanga district. But he was not much involved in the worldly relation of MAYA and he started traveling to the far flung areas of devotional importance and visited Pashupati Nath, Kathmandu in Nepal and even Macca and Madina in the West. After traveling, moving and seeing the world at large, from global tour, he was back to his local place. When he was back to Mithila, his mother place, as known in Vedant JANANI JANAM BHUMISCH SWARGADAPI CHIR GAHIYASI (Lord Rama has also said that YADYAPI LANKA SWARNMAYI, JANANI JANAM BHUMISCH SWARADAPI CHIR GARIYASI. That is, although Lanka is full of gold but birth place is better than even the heaven.

Babajee is back to Mithila and the Punyabhumi of Mithila, where Kosi flows, Mango grows, people speak Madhur Bani. Started becoming full of mystic melodied of Sant Shiromani Lakshminath Goswami about Lord Krishna and mother Radha. He mesmerised the entire zone with his devotional songs and created a KIRTAN MANDLI (group of devotional singers). People started becoming his disciples and his name, fame, glory and mystic powers started influencing and radiating all around. People started finding solutions of their miseries, pains, sufferings and grief. His holiness Lakshminath Goswami started moving from place to place and popularized the KIRTAN that is, chanting the name of Lord Rama and Krishna.

Famous Disciples of Paramhansa Lakshminath

  1. Pandit Raghubar Jha, Tarauni, Darbhanga, Bihar
  2. Christan John, Barihari Kothi, Saharsa, Bihar
  3. Rajaram Shastri, Prayag, U.P.
  4. Mohammed Gass Khan, Munger, Bihar

We can see from the above that Paramhansa Lakshminath, a great spiritual master, mystic, divine soul, lived and nurtured to entire mankind.

He dwells in the hearts of all in Mithila and now in all over the world and continues to inspire and bless us all. His famous Ashram in Bangaon, the famous village with four Panchayats, is historically famous due to the spiritual activities of Paramhans Lakshminath Goswami. It is not only the biggest village of Bihar, it is also the birth place of many Mathil intelectuals, Civil servants, Doctors and Engineers.